February 19, 2018
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Download forms and documents to help you in your spiritual growth and establishing goals. Look here for interesting articles and reports as well.

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file icon Spiritual Gift Inventoryhot! 01/02/2008 Hits: 5515
This spiritual gift inventory is a self-administered test that indicates the various spiritual gift or gifts you have. Answer the questions and calculate your score to determine whether you have a primary spiritual gift, a spiritual gift cluster, or a combination of gifts.
file icon Personal Ministry Plannerhot! 01/14/2009 Hits: 3537
The Personal Ministry Planner is a tool for use with your personal renewal day - it helps guide you into discovery and development of your personal ministry.
file icon Personal Balance Wheelhot! 03/27/2008 Hits: 4448
Use this graph to measure your internal integrity as it relates to the level of satisfaction you have in your life. It forms the basis for an action plan to improve your balance and ability to serve.
file icon Life List Exercisehot! 08/03/2011 Hits: 2107
This is an exercise to help you create a list of the top 100 things you would like to do, be or have during your lifetime.  It helps you become open to the blessing of God, without demanding them.  When you use this form to capture your dreams and passions, you can communicate them better with others and recognize the gifts God gives.
file icon Know Your Calling Exercisehot! 02/11/2008 Hits: 4096
Use this exercise to discover your calling in four parts: Your Message, Voice, Audience and Results. Learn from the Apostle Paul's writing in the first chapter of Colossians.
file icon Get A Life Study Guidehot! 12/05/2008 Hits: 2123
This is the study guide that goes along with Reggie McNeal's excellent book: Get a Life!  Download and print this study guide to capture your thoughts and work as we study this book together in FOCUS 1330 on Friday mornings from 6 AM to 7:30 AM.
file icon Full Pairwise Comparisonhot! 06/24/2008 Hits: 1808
Use the full pair-wise comparison chart to prioritize items, discovering which is most important relative to all the others. This tool is great for ranking anything from values to tasks.
file icon Discover Your Resourceshot! 02/03/2009 Hits: 2014
Descriptions plus characteristics and common roles for the spiritual gifts identified through the spiritual gift inventory.
file icon Core Values Evaluatorhot! 05/28/2008 Hits: 2874
Evaluate and prioritize your values using this full pairwise comparison form.
file icon Core Values Assignmenthot! 05/28/2008 Hits: 4370
Understand your core values by selecting from a list of sample values and considering the lessons and convictions through which you came to accept them.

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