Friday AM Meeting

We meet every Friday morning from 6 AM to 7:30 AM to discuss matters and issues that relate to being a Christian in the work place. Come join in the discussion – everyone is welcome.

Vancouver Pillar Church
7701 NE Ward Road
Vancouver, WA 98682

6AM – 7:30AM

How well are you living the victorious life?

Discussion question for March 31, 2017.

Last week we discussed the paradox of healing versus suffering, and agreed that God has principles based on His character and particulars based on individuals.  How actively do you pursue the promises of God regarding long life, blessings, and freedom from diseases?  What is the basis for your faith and belief system?  How do you respond to those that characterize God as mean or apathetic?  How would you describe your relationship with Him?

What should Christians expect about suffering?

Discussion question for March 24, 2017.

Jesus was prophetically introduced as the Man of Sorrow, and in His life was suffering.  When is suffering godly?  How do you solve the paradox between the suffering servant and the exalted son? What does 1 Peter 4:1-2 mean to you? Where do healing and prosperity find their borders?  When is it right to pray for relief?  How do you encourage a brother in the Lord that is experiencing suffering?

How do you activate your faith?

Discussion question for March 17, 2017.

We talked about the Eucharist as a sacrament that reminds us of the enormity of Jesus’ sacrifice and demonstration of love.  How does that realization stoke up your faith?  What other activities do you use to increase your faith?  How would you demonstrate your faith to another person?  What do you believe happens in the spiritual realm when you activate your faith?  How do you think Jesus would respond if you asked Him: “Lord, help my unbelief.”?

What does the Lord’s Supper do for us?

Discussion question for March 10, 2017.

Jesus gave us the sacrament of communion by example during the Last Supper.  Why are we invited to remember this event with a ritual?  What meaning does the Eucharist have to you?  How does it affect others?  Where does it interact in the spiritual realm?  Why is this sacrament elevated in so many churches and denominations?

How does walking by the Spirit show up in your thinking?

Discussion question for March 3, 2017.

We are excited to learn that we are having the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16).  What practical steps do you take to think out loud with the Spirit?  How much do you rely on logical and digital thinking?  What would an increase in fractal thinking do for you?  What is the counterpoint to fear and pride based thinking?  How can you intentionally access best thinking practices from a Christian perspective?

How does God reveal things to you through the Spirit?

Discussion question for February 24, 2017.

Using the passage from 1 Corinthians 2:10-16, what do you understand as the role of the Spirit?  When are you tempted to rely on human wisdom?  How does the Spirit teach you?  What are the thoughts of God?  How can you have the mind of Christ?

What about temptation?

Discussion question for February 17, 2017.

Jesus taught the disciples to pray “lead us not into temptation.”  Who leads (or does not lead) someone into temptation?  What does James mean by what he says about temptation in Chapter 1:13?  What is your best defense against temptations?  How do you guard yourself on a daily basis?

How well do you watch your mouth?

Discussion question for February 10, 2017.

There is power in the spoken word, especially when those words are backed by authority.  How do you use your words to promote the Kingdom?  What opportunities do you see to speak life into a situation? How do you challenge others in their use of words?  When is it unsafe to use “Christian speak”?  How can you speak love in even those situations?

What do you understand about your authority?

Discussion question for February 3, 2017.

There are different levels of authority being exercised by God, angels, rulers, principalities, demons and humans.  How does the chain of command work in spiritual authority?  What authority is carried in your words, especially spoken words?  When are you under the authority of another?  What constraints do you feel because of authority issues?

What is your strategy for dealing with the spiritual realm?

Discussion question for January 27, 2017.

We talked about the significance that Mammon is a false god.  How do you differentiate between a false god and an idol?  How have you been tempted toward idolatry in the past?  How have you been influenced by false gods?  What are your methods for overcoming idols?  What methods do you use for overcoming false gods?  What role do demons and unclean spirits play in your thinking about these matters?