February 19, 2018
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folder icon 17 School of Prayer
The School of Prayer meets weekly for an opportunity to learn and practice the art of intercession. Here you can download tools and resources to help you become more effective in your fervent prayer for one another.
folder icon 12 Healing Prayer Small Group Study Guide
Training for healing prayer is done through small groups meeting together and practicing the principles of intercession.  In this section you will find Instructions, Exercises, Sharing Guide, and tips on how to Care for eachother as you learn.
folder icon 293 Recent Sermons from the Pillar Church
Vancouver Pillar Church meets at 10 AM every Sunday at 7601 NE Ward Road.  You are welcome to join us if your time and location allows.  You are also welcome to listen in as Calvin preaches the word of God.
folder icon 30 Teaching
We have opportunity to teach about prayer and mind renewal, and at times these sessions are recorded.  You may download and listen in on these teachings.  It is not quite as good as being there, but the truths stand firm.  May you be blessed as you learn.
folder icon 15 Prayer Ministry
Articles and supporting information for Prayer Ministry, including workshop materials and homework.
folder icon 12 Messages
Each of these sermons are approximately 40 minutes long and available for download in mp3 format. There is no charge to download these messages, but if you would like to support the work of Master's Mind Ministry, you may do so online here with your free-will offering.
folder icon 10 Coaching
Download forms and documents to help you in your spiritual growth and establishing goals. Look here for interesting articles and reports as well.

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