January 16, 2018
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Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it. - Colossians 4:17

Your ministry, or calling, is the purpose of your life - the reason you exist. It is what God has in mind for you to do and be. It is the accumulation of what God has invested in you so far through gifts and abilities, heredity and circumstances, and through experience and the choices you have made.

There are four important components to understand that help you to clarify your ministry vision and focus your calling: Message, Voice, Audience and Results. Understanding these pieces will help guide you in your vision, dreams, plans and objectives. It is well worth the time and investment to discover the truth for these.

The Message

Your message is the one thing you represent. It is the God-given truth that states what you stand for and live for. It is focused like a laser and fits you like a glove. It is the one thing that you want to pass on to your children. It is your purpose and your defining characteristic. Living your message is the “sweet spot” of your life.

Your Voice

This is how you communicate the message. When you have “found your voice” it means you know the most effective way to share your message with others. Often this is represented by a spiritual gift, such as teaching, leadership, administration, helps, encouragement, service or giving. Your voice might or might not be consistent with your current role or title; and it might be a method you have yet to develop. Consider things that you “do” and things that you “be”; but remember that just because you can do or be something does not mean you should. Test for consistency between your message and voice. You probably have more than one voice, but you do well to identify your primary voice.

Your Audience

These are the intended recipients of your message. They are able to hear your voice and understand your message. Sometimes it helps to narrow your target audience to get a clearer picture of your message. Clarity and focus offset dilution and diffusion.

The Results

These are the expected outcomes when your audience hears your message. Results can indicate how well you are delivering the message. Results also serve to encourage you in the pursuit of your calling. They are the fruit of your ministry. Test your actual results against your expected results as one way to make sure your message is on point.

How to Know Your Calling

What is the ministry which you have received in the Lord? Using just the first chapter of Colossians as a guide, answer the following questions in respect to the Apostle Paul. Then ask God to help you answer the same questions for yourself.

Download the exercise sheet from the Coaching Category in the Download Section of this website.
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