December 15, 2017
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This material is designed for small groups of intercessors that have taken the basic prayer ministry training and want to learn more about effective healing prayer.

Create a small group of three to twelve people that are willing to meet to learn and practice healing prayer. Each of the following lessons are set up with instructional information, both in video and written format, and exercises to be done at the small group level. By doing these exercises, each student will activate the information, experience better retention, and have practical experience to help anchor the concepts.

Begin with prayer for each other, and then work through the instructional component. Expect 90 minutes for each small group meeting, split evenly between learning, practicing and sharing.

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Part One

Lesson 1: Hearing God

Lesson 2: Identity

Lesson 3: The Purpose of Pain

Lesson 4: Being Forgiven

Lesson 5: Forgiving Others

Lesson 6: Reconciliation

Part Two

Lesson 7: The Role of Witness

Lesson 8: Judgment Disqualifies

Lesson 9: Legal Ground

Lesson 10: Inner Healing

Lesson 11: Physical Healing

Lesson 12: Spiritual Warfare

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