February 19, 2018
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Bart Hears from God Print E-mail

Bart and I prayed together one evening because of the fear, shame and addictions he had suffered.  We asked God to renew his mind, and He was faithful.  One of my favorite moments in Bart's session came when he asked God to reveal his true identity.  It was powerful and precious.  Listen to Bart tell this part of his story:

Sex Slave to Prayer Ministry Print E-mail

Hi. I directly benefited from Gods Healing Grace thru MM Ministry.

In '07 I invited "Destruction" into my soul. Within a week I attempted to stab a guy who reminded me of Jesus, got locked in a psych ward and diagnosed Bipolar (I) Disorder. A month later I got enslaved in the sex slave trade industry.

In '09 I escaped the industry to homelessness and I asked God to come into my life and take over. He did.

I gained so much victory but I still wrestled with a sexual demon. I entered into a pimp relationship a few years later. I started doing drugs again. Then I met with Julie Tadema.

Tim Print E-mail

Praise the Lord for His unfailing kindness.

A young man came for prayer to deal with self-consciousness. He is in his late twenties and has always been uncomfortable in groups and particularly shy around the ladies. He had always been this way, but wondered if prayer could help him overcome it.

We asked God to show him the root of this feeling and its underlying belief. He was reminded of a time in first grade when his teacher used him as an illustration. While he was standing before the class his shirt came untucked from his pants and everyone laughed. He was embarrassed, felt like he was different and didn't fit in. Twenty-two years later he still feels vulnerable to those judgments.

Jumping for Joy Print E-mail

Jumping for Joy

Dear Julie and Calvin,

I just wanted to send along a photo my husband took of me outside our business yesterday morning- jumping for joy. It has been a good week for me. I have and still am kicking out my spirit of fear every day but revel in the fact that I am freed of it. Thank you again for our time together and I look forward to getting together again.

Mark Hedinger Print E-mail

The Lord led my wife and I to serve with a ministry of missionary training.  The scope of the ministry is very wide--preparing workers from Asia, Latin America and Africa. 

The potential impact is great; so have been the obstacles.  Over the last 2 1/2 years, Cal and Julie have been powerfully used in our lives in two key ways:

  1. Their experiences and knowledge have made them a great source of insight.  At some key moments, Cal and Julie have helped us to more clearly see the issues before us.
  2. Their coming alongside us in prayer, seeking the Lord for what only He can do, has been incredibly important.

That prayer ministry has given us confidence and faith, as well as allowing us to see God's direct answers in some of the circumstances that were barriers for the ministy.


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