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  • Master's Mind Minute
    The Master's Mind Minute provides a regular update and information in an email newsletter that focuses on how a person can grow spiritually. Topics include prayer ministry, spiritual mentoring, Christian coaching, and resources for your spiritual maturity.

  • Teaching and Training: Master's Mind Ministry
    This is a mailing list for those interested in knowing about upcoming classes and workshops. Master's Mind Ministry is dedicated to teaching and training about prayer ministry. The occasional mailing will highlight classes, seminars, workshops and public speaking opportunities as they are scheduled.

    Sign up for this newsletter if you would like to be invited to classes that are open to the general public, or would like to be aware of educational opportunities put on by Master's Mind Ministry.

  • School of Prayer
    The School of Prayer is held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 at Montavilla Baptist Church. Members of this email list will receive updates and notifications regarding these meetings.
  • Prayer Shield: Master's Mind Ministry
    If you are willing to be part of our Prayer Shield (committed to praying for Master's Mind Ministry on a daily basis), or if you are willing to be one of our Prayer Warriors (committed to pray for specific needs as they arise), then you will want to subscribe to this list.

    We depend on our dedicated prayer helpers to agree with us in prayer and help us to have the mind of Christ. Thank you for your commitment.


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