Master's Mind Ministry is a faith-based non-profit ministry that is completely supported by the donations of faithful friends and those who have been led by God to give.  Our ministry is provided without fee or cost, so that the greatest number of people may be impacted by the power of God.

We exist through your faithful contributions. 

When you give to Master's Mind Ministry, your contribution goes immediately to work.  Our board of directors has established an operating budget and oversees the finances so our commitment to godly stewardship is never in question.  The Lord has been faithful, and we have every confidence that He will continue to provide for all our needs.

You can contribute by check.  Make your tax deductible contribution payable to:

Master's Mind Ministry
21811 NE 164th St
Brush Prairie, WA  98606

Regular Monthly Support

If you are willing to make regular monthly contributions to Master's Mind Ministry, please let us know.  This is a big benefit to us and we appreciate you deeply.  It allows us to:

  • Exercise stewardship
  • Focus on the ministry
  • Plan future expenses
  • Serve with confidence

Special Project Support

If you prefer to make your contributions through sacrificial giving as a need arises, please sign up for our prayer update newsletter.  When we have a special opportunity to serve, this is where we will post our request.  One of the ways that we establish confidence in the leading of the Lord in our ministry is to see how He funds His projects.  We may make a plan, based on the best information available to us at the time, and ask God to confirm that direction by making a way for it to happen.  Often this is done through funding.   We are not disappointed when the money doesn't show up for that special ministry - we understand it to be a clear direction from the Lord about where He would prefer us to spend our energy.  But when He faithfully provides for that special ministry opportunity, then we boldly move forward with it in full anticipation of His miraculous power.

Offering of Thanksgiving

We appreciate the opportunity of being supported by those that have received health and spiritual growth through Master's Mind Ministry.  Your contribution is accepted as an offering of praise for the work that the Lord has done through us.  When you contribute in this way it makes the ministry available to others.  Although there is no obligation for anyone (we do not operate as a fee for service business), we recognize that our ability to be in ministry is dependent on the grace of others.

Financial Reporting

As a nonprofit organization, Master's Mind Ministry operates according to the rules and regulations laid out by state and federal laws and governing statutes.  You will receive a receipt annually for income tax purposes showing the contributions you have made during the calendar year.  Our finances are reviewed on a regular basis by our board of directors, and as required by law are made available for accountability purposes.

If you have any questions about the financial management of Master's Mind Ministry, please contact Calvin Tadema (Director) with your questions. 


Donate Online

You can make your donations online through our PayPal account.