Leadership Ministry Mentoring

Christians in leadership, whether they are business owners or managers, have an opportunity to participate in the responsibility and blessing of being an overseer when they operate by Biblical principles.  This mentoring relationship is designed to keep you focused on doing the will of God with your responsibilities.

  • Do you wonder if you are working hard enough, or too hard?
  • Do you control your business or does it control you?
  • Do you set goals and plans based on what you've done last year, or by guessing what you might be able to do next?
  • Do you wonder about where you are storing up treasures?
  • Are you facing burn-out or some business crisis, and long for your business to be fun again?

Leadership Mentoring isn't a fix-all solution, nor is it a quick band aid for your current symptoms.  It is a disciplined approach to running your business according to rules and precepts created by God.  By working with a mentor, you will receive Godly counsel in financial matters, human resources, business strategies, marketing plans, and your spiritual growth.

Analysis & Review

We start with a comprehensive review of your business, understanding your current strengths and weaknesses and identifying specific areas of interest or concern.  These become the targets for our attention.  The objective is to find ways to save money and increase revenue significantly above the cost of the consulting.  If it appears unlikely that a value for value exchange will not occur, then the program wouldn't be suitable.

Mentoring Sessions

The most effective way to implement the changes is with one on one help.  The mentoring sessions are timed so that each week a reasonable amount of time can be dedicated to prioritizing activities and then making application in your life.  Like a time-release capsule, the ideas and information come at a pace where they can be acted on without disrupting things.  This is method of intentional transition and has proven to be effective.

Tools and Resources

The tools of personal mentoring are used in this service, as well as a host of other resources that are specific to business decisions and strategies.  Over the years I have collected some excellent tools, many from the best minds in the business world.

Evaluation and Review

Progress reports are conducted on a monthly basis to make sure that your expectations are being met, and to insure that the service you are receiving is of great value.  It is not unreasonable to expect that a business owner will shift from Leadership Mentoring to Personal Mentoring once the Biblical principles of business operation have been successfully implemented in the company.

Getting Started

If you are interested in finding out more about the Leadership Ministry Mentoring program, please contact me to schedule a time for an introductory interview.  Feel free to call at (360) 891-8114.