February 19, 2018
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The School of Prayer meets weekly for an opportunity to learn and practice the art of intercession. Here you can download tools and resources to help you become more effective in your fervent prayer for one another.

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file icon Understand Emotionshot! 01/15/2018 Hits: 38
Emotions are neither good nor bad, but a response to what you believe to be true. Your emotions serve a purpose and prompt action. Unresolved emotions create conflict and pain.
file icon TPM - Process Maphot! 11/27/2017 Hits: 62
Transformation Prayer Ministry has created a process map to guide a prayer session through interrogating emotions, discovering beliefs, and receiving truth.
file icon The Mind of Christhot! 11/06/2017 Hits: 52
Listening to the Spirit is the most important part of intercessory prayer. This lesson helps you learn to hear from God and merge your will with His.
file icon Spiritual Transactionshot! 08/31/2017 Hits: 46
This document contains sample forms and suggestions for dealing with spiritual transactions. It helps the intercessor lead another through forgiveness, breaking off generational curses, and breaking off rash vows.
file icon Sadness 12/04/2017 Hits: 29
Sadness is a temporary emotion from disappointment or loss. Chronic sadness leads to hopelessness and depression. Grieve the loss is part of the prayer strategy.
file icon Removing Offenses 12/28/2017 Hits: 14
The world is offended right now, and offense interrupts worship. We must remove offenses if we are to walk with God in true agreement. Challenge: Live an offense-free year.
file icon Legal Groundhot! 09/20/2017 Hits: 39
God never overrides another person's free will because that wouldn't be unconditional love. Satan will do anything he can to override your will, and knows all the legal angles to do just that. His schemes are contained in the "legal ground" concept, and the solution to overcome has to do with the ways of God in the spiritual realm.
file icon Identity: The Human Construct 01/09/2018 Hits: 16
The person is physical, emotional and spiritual. These realms are interrelated and influence each other. Inner healing reconciles the person to God.
file icon Hearing Godhot! 09/13/2017 Hits: 40
There are many ways God uses to communicate with us. This list gives the intercessor ideas of how God may be revealing truth to another.
file icon Healing Prayer Modelhot! 08/31/2017 Hits: 46
This is an outline of a prayer appointment for mind renewal. It contains the steps and activities to expect when interrogating emotions or actions to discover and replace false beliefs with Christ's truth.
file icon Forgiven and Forgivinghot! 08/31/2017 Hits: 54
This paper is a brief outline of the steps for receiving forgiveness as well as the steps to extend forgiveness to another. It is a useful guide for leading someone through this important part of healing prayer.
file icon Fear, Anxiety and Panic Issueshot! 11/20/2017 Hits: 38
The fear of death is a tool from the evil one, and he uses many forms of this fear to control people. Fear is an emotional response to what we believe to be true. We overcome fear by receiving God's truth which sets us free.
file icon Father Assignmenthot! 10/19/2017 Hits: 42
Use this father assignment to evaluate and reconcile your understanding of Abba Father.
file icon Dealing with Anger Issueshot! 11/13/2017 Hits: 39
Prayer strategies for anger issues. What to know, how to interrogate, and the source of freedom and healing.
file icon Age and Stagehot! 10/19/2017 Hits: 30
Maturity requires development in each of the stages of life, from infant, child, adult, parent, to elder. Emotional maturity can lag physical maturity due to voids. This chart identifies the components according to each stage.
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