February 19, 2018
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Recent Sermons from the Pillar Church
Vancouver Pillar Church meets at 10 AM every Sunday at 7601 NE Ward Road.  You are welcome to join us if your time and location allows.  You are also welcome to listen in as Calvin preaches the word of God.

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file icon Your Faith Has Healed Youhot! 02/18/2014 Hits: 259
The woman stole her healing from Jesus by touching His robe.  He loved her anyway, and confirmed her healing.  Mark 5:25-34
file icon You Have Great Faithhot! 02/24/2014 Hits: 217
The Canaanite woman placed herself under Christ's authority, begged for His attention, and her daughter was healed.  This helps us know how to pray. Matthew 15:21-28
file icon You Are Invitedhot! 08/26/2013 Hits: 252
God invites you to personal relationship, and the invitation is yours to accept or decline. Jesus teaches this in a parable. Luke 14:15-23
file icon Words that Build Uphot! 02/06/2012 Hits: 416
We are instructed to use words that build others up, and that means to bless them.  The story of Balaam and the Israelites gives us great insight to the power of blessings and curses.  Learn to bless others and they will become immune to curses.
file icon Words that Benefithot! 02/21/2012 Hits: 369
We are to speak words that benefit those who listen.  The benefit is to grow up from spiritual infant to maturity, and from worldliness to righteousness.  Ephesians 4:29-30.
file icon Words that are Wholesomehot! 01/30/2012 Hits: 373
Ephesians 4:29-30 begins with the instruction that no unwholesome words should come out of our mouth.  We begin our look at words by learning how to guard our tongue.
file icon Words Appropriate to the Needhot! 02/13/2012 Hits: 348
We are called to speak words that are appropriate to the need.  The most important tool for obeying this command is the gift of prophecy.  Everyone should eargerly desire this important gift. (1 Corinthians 14:1, 3, 24)
file icon Will He keep putting them off?hot! 03/22/2016 Hits: 81
Jesus told a parable about a persistent widow getting justice from a narcissistic judge. God gives justice quickly, so always pray and do not give up. Luke 18:1-7
file icon Why Jesus Camehot! 03/24/2014 Hits: 208
Jesus came to earth as God in disguise so we would not be afraid and could get to know Him better.  John 1:9-14
file icon Why do you not do what I say?hot! 02/23/2016 Hits: 101
There are two reasons a person would call Jesus "Lord, Lord" and yet not do what He says: lack of love or lack of respect. Luke 6:46
file icon Why do doubts rise in your mind?hot! 03/29/2016 Hits: 78
There is a battle for the mind, and doubts rise when we rely on our soul. The Spirit gives truth to our spirit when we listen to Him. Luke 24:36-38
file icon Who touched Me?hot! 03/01/2016 Hits: 103
The woman that touched Jesus was immediately healed. You can touch Him too. The power of touch is supernatural. Luke 8:43-45
file icon Who is the Hope?hot! 04/08/2014 Hits: 416
Christians are given authority and power over the enemy and nothing can harm us because Jesus commissioned us for warfare.  Luke 10:16-20
file icon Who do you say I am?hot! 01/31/2016 Hits: 97
Jesus asks who people say that He is, and then makes it personal. The only way one can truly know the Savior is first hand. Matthew 16:13-15
file icon Whether we Live or Diehot! 12/22/2015 Hits: 94
We belong to the Lord. He alone has authority over matters of life and death, and everything between. Romans 14:7-12
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