December 15, 2017
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MetamorphosisHave you noticed that there are times in your life when you are more open to change? It’s true. Even “change resistant” people are open to it under certain circumstances. The converse is also true: there are times when change is unlikely. This is important because we are to be transformed (changed) by the renewing of our minds, according to Romans 12:2.

A “transformational moment” exists when a person has the highest likelihood of making a change that sticks. Imagine what you could accomplish if you could recognize these golden opportunities.

Resistance to Change

Transformation: resitance to changeMany people create life strategies that help them avoid change. This reduces the number of decisions that need to be made and provides a measure of protection from risk. Some of these people have developed severe resistance to change because of bad experiences, such as being forced to change and then experiencing personal loss because of it. They come to expect that when things are different, they will become worse instead of better – and this proves to be the case often enough to keep their resistance strategy firmly in place.

Some people operate in a life-style that avoids change by being on auto-pilot; blissfully ignorant of opportunities around them. They are “going with the flow” rather than being intentional about the direction their transformation will take. Still others have a life-style so packed and committed they have little time or energy to consider alternatives; they just rush pell-mell in whatever direction they’re currently headed.

While some resistance is important for our physical and emotional well-being, it is a barrier to transformation. We are to “be made new in the attitude of our mind” (Ephesians 4:23), and this requires change. How resistant are you?

Timing is Important

Transformation: change for the betterTransformational moments can be triggered by events. These are life circumstances that interrupt you at least long enough to be recognized. It can be the birth of a baby, the death of a loved one, a medical emergency, a job change, or an accident (or near miss). These moments can also be triggered by conditions, such as your general health, financial stability, a new year, the economic or political climate, and other environmental factors. Transformational moments can even be triggered by an act of will; that is, someone decides to have one.

Prepare the “attitude of your mind” by thinking like Christ. Gain those thoughts by meditating on the Word of God and prayer. Filter out negative and sinful thinking by taking those thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5). Then watch for a transformational moment to be triggered (events, conditions or by your act of will). You will be “renewed in knowledge in the image of your Creator” (Colossians 3:10).

Take full advantage of every transformational moment! The timing is right and it is time to grow – so pile it on. Make the changes count.

Encourage One Another

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Transformational MomentsI have observed a relationship between a person’s spiritual quotient and the frequency of transformational moments as shown on this graph. On the x axis is a person’s Spiritual Quotient (SQ). It measures their desire to have a relationship with God. On the y axis is the expected frequency of transformational moments (TM).

Scenario #1 – a person with a positive SQ increases their TM’s as they increase their desire. The more they long to have relationship with God, the more opportunity He gives them to be transformed.

Scenario #2 – a person with a negative SQ also increases their TM’s (to a point). This is the person that wants nothing to do with God, and is reaping the consequences of those choices. As their SQ goes further negative they are “hitting bottom”. This can lead to an opportunity for transformation.

Scenario #3 – a person with a near zero SQ neither desires relationship with God, nor is running from Him. This is the person that is self-satisfied and complacent with their life and they experience few TM’s. They are the most difficult to minister to (Revelation 3:16).

Pastors, teachers, counselors, evangelists, mentors and disciple makers all recognize the importance of timing. Let your message be heard, but be particularly keen to share it when your “one another” is in a transformational moment.

What is your spiritual quotient?Image

Be Transformed

Watch carefully for transformational moments, and take full advantage of them.

For yourself: use them to propel yourself toward Christ-likeness.

For others: be sensitive to their transformational moments and encourage them to be renewed.

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