December 15, 2017
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Free IndeedMaster's Mind Ministry exists to help people be transformed into wholeness spiritually, emotionally and physically through the renewing of their mind – to become more like Christ by having the Master’s mind.

We minister to people that want to be filled to the measure of the fullness of God.

Presenting Conditions

Some are dealing with physical pain and disease as a result of this sinful world, or emotional issues from unresolved trauma in their life, or spiritual weakness because of deception. We have seen God do the miraculous as He brings them truth through prayer, encouragement and instruction. Unlike self-help or traditional counseling, we ask and expect God to show up and do a healing work. We get to see people experience wholeness, often instantaneously, and give the glory to God.

Most of the time a person comes to us by way of referral. Someone suggests that they contact us to see if they can get help for a presenting need or problem. It could be anger, grief, depression or any of a host of emotional issues. Sometimes it is addictive behavior or a chronic physical illness. It might show up as a relationship issue in a marriage or family, or it could be something brought on by stress from dealing with change. Often it is a problem they have been carrying for a long time.

In many cases they have tried to manage the problem on their own, either by exercising as much will power as they can muster, or by trying to keep the symptoms under control. They can become discouraged with their self-help efforts. If they are part of a community, such as a church or family, they may ask for help from others; but discover that no matter how well intentioned, the helpers are not equipped to deal with their issue. There is even a risk of doing more harm than good. Professional help is costly and the providers are trained extensively in matters biological, emotional or psychological. Their solutions fail when the root cause is spiritual.

Accepting the Will of God

We believe God wants to reconcile people to Himself and does so by bringing truth to their mind and allowing them to conform it to the mind of Christ - the Master's mind. As this happens, they experience the peace and joy that comes from the Creator. When they accept the truth about their identity in Christ their depression is lifted, grief goes away and fits of rage disappear. When they know they are forgiven and are able to forgive they receive peace, and stress related illnesses and their symptoms may cease. When God heals them from the inside it changes how they relate to others. Wholeness is evident spiritually, emotionally and physically and they are a new person in Christ.

The Role We Play

Master's Mind Ministry brings this message of hope to individuals through healing prayer, spiritual direction and coaching. A typical session begins with some questions about the presenting symptom and a brief personal history, and then moves into prayer. The purpose is to receive truth from God and follow His leading. Most intercessory prayer sessions last about an hour. We also provide spiritual direction to individuals through regularly scheduled meetings, either in person or by phone.

Wholeness comes when we choose to seek the Master's mind; and when we are in cooperation with God we receive divine power to be permanently changed.

Contact us by phone or online to find out more about being transformed by the power of God, and to schedule an introductory meeting.

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