December 18, 2017
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Powerful Spiritual Transactions

In your Law it is written that the testimony of two people is true. - John 8:17

A spiritual transaction is an uncoerced agreement between two willing parties in the presence of two or more witnesses. It is binding in the spiritual, emotional and physical realms. The party of the first part is God; you are the party of the second part; the witnesses are the Son and Holy Spirit (John 8:17-18).

Spiritual transactions put faith into action by intentionally crossing over three realms: spiritual, emotional, and physical. When a spiritual concept is acted out in the physical realm it becomes more tangible, and it gives expression in the emotional realm as well.

Activate Faith

For example, a petition is a prayer between the asker and his Heavenly Father. It occurs in the spiritual realm, and may be invisible to others. I remember talking to my mom about a problem when I was five or six years old. She heard me out and then asked if I had prayed about it.

I was not sure how to answer. I had thought about it, but had I prayed? I had not prayed aloud, but maybe I had prayed in my heart. What would have made it a prayer rather than a thought? Did I say “Amen” after thinking it? Did I close my eyes or fold my hands? If I started praying and got distracted would it still count?

My mom recognized my conundrum by the hesitation to answer and said: “Let’s pray together about it right now, okay?”

We prayed. As was my custom, I folded my hands, bowed my head and closed my eyes. I prayed in a conversational but reverent tone and signaled the end by saying “Amen.” My mom prayed after, in a very similar manner, though her words flowed smoothly and expressed great love and faith.

This was a spiritual transaction. The words spoken into the spiritual realm between me and my Heavenly Father were also spoken into the physical realm. My humble attitude was expressed by my body, and my mind and heart were joined into the process. It was a very real prayer, and I have the witnesses to prove it.

We know a prayer of petition is effective in the spiritual realm by faith. We know it is effective in the physical realm by action. We know it is effective in the emotional realm by how it makes us feel. All three realms are intentionally integrated and united by a spiritual transaction.

Do not be misled by the apparent simplicity of the process. The “sinner’s prayer” is a simple act for a person, yet it has eternal consequences. Similarly, spiritual transactions are an expression of supernatural power.


Jon (not his real name) was a young man in need of prayer, so we began our time by asking the Lord to identify the thing He wanted us to pray about. I opened my eyes to see a look of disappointment on Jon’s face. I knew God had revealed something, so I asked.

“God told me to forgive my father,” Jon sighed.

“That’s a great idea,” I offered. “Have you taken an account of his offenses that you need to forgive?”

“You don’t understand. God told me to forgive him three years ago. I’ve been praying forgiveness every day since then, but it still doesn’t feel like I’ve forgiven him. I’ve asked God to help me, and I’ve tried to forgive in many different ways, but the offense is still there after I pray.”

He was reluctant when I asked if he would be willing to walk through the process with me, even though he had done it over a thousand times already.

“I’m not telling you what to do, but I am inviting you to forgive your dad as a spiritual transaction,” I explained. “If you are willing, I will ask you to confess aloud to God the offenses you hold against your dad. I will listen and act as a witness. God will be the first witness, and I will be the second witness, and then we can declare the forgiveness to be complete in the spiritual realm by the testimony of two or more witnesses. Okay?”

He was willing and bowed his head to pray. The confession was substantial, which is no surprise because of the number of times he had rehearsed it. His heart was solemn and sincere as he chose to release his father from all of those offenses. I followed him in prayer as a witness and declared the forgiveness to be complete.

Jon’s eyes popped open after the prayer, and he looked totally surprised.

“I just forgave my father!” he exclaimed. “Wow, it’s really done. I don’t have any ill-feelings toward him, the bitterness is gone, and there is no judgment in my heart against him!”

“Check into that place in your heart where you felt the offense before, and let me know if you find any trace of it left.”

“It’s totally gone! I can remember when I would be so mad at him I couldn’t talk. But as I think about that now, it’s as if I don’t remember what being mad feels like. This is unbelievable.”

We tested around to see if there were any other offenses lurking, but they had all been forgiven. He was at complete peace in his heart. Then he asked me the question I expected.

“Okay, why was I able to forgive my father this morning, when I’ve been praying to forgive him every morning for three years and it hasn’t happened? What’s different?”

I shared with him about the power of doing things God’s way, and how we have noticed the effectiveness of following His commandments, precepts and suggestions. Jesus said:

In your Law it is written that the testimony of two people is true. - John 8:17

A spiritual transaction combines God’s promises and laws to establish truth in the spiritual, emotional and physical realms. Jon experienced the supernatural power of God to forgive his father, and the devil could not snatch that truth away because we had invoked the law of witnesses.

There are several situations where we have found a spiritual transaction to be especially powerful when interceding with someone. Here are some examples and scripts we incorporate into our prayer times.

Prayer of Confession

The Holy Spirit convicts of sin and the sinner is given the opportunity to admit his failure and receive forgiveness, a full pardon, from God. There is no way to pay back the debt of the mistake, and there is no way to justify it in part or whole. The only way to erase the debt and settle the score is to receive forgiveness.

Jesus died on the cross and His death paid the penalty for sin. All sin. Every sin that has been committed, whether someone admits it or not, is covered by His blood. What a shame that some refuse this gift and demand to bear the guilt and shame of their sin.

The prayer of confession is a step of faith through which a sinner acknowledges the need for forgiveness and their willingness to accept it as a gift. The first step of being forgiven is to take an account of the offenses against God. Then we recognize and humbly admit that we are unable to repay the debt. We ask for forgiveness and then experience the freedom from guilt and shame. Here is a sample prayer:


Lord, I confess that I (list offenses) and that these offenses are sin against You. I am sorry, and ask that You forgive me from these sins. Amen.


Lord, I stand as witness to this spiritual transaction: that (name) has confessed these offenses and asked for Your mercy and forgiveness. I declare by Your promise that you forgive him from this sin and cleanse him from all unrighteousness in this matter. Amen.

Prayer of Release

We are created in God’s image and have a sense of justice, so when someone does wrong to us it is normal to pick up an offense. Since the person is unable to repay for the offense they caused, we are trapped with the responsibility to hold them accountable. Notice the eternal nature of the conflict: they can never repay and we are forever responsible. The only solution to this trap is to choose to forgive the debt.

The prayer of release is a step of faith by which we choose to forgive offenses done against us. The first step of forgiving is to take an account of those offenses. Then we accept the fact that the one who committed the offense does not have the means to repay the debt. We choose to forgive, and then experience freedom from carrying that judgment. Here is a sample prayer:


Lord, I confess that (name) sinned against me with these offenses (list them). I choose, by my own free will, to release (name) from this debt in the past, present and future. As far as I am concerned, (name) owes me nothing in this matter any longer. Amen.


Lord, I stand as witness to this spiritual transaction: that (name) has confessed these offenses done against him by (name). He has chosen to release (name) of these offenses of his own free will, and I declare that he has forgiven from his heart. Amen.

Request for Truth

What we believe to be true is our paradigm. It constitutes our guiding principles, which are accumulated from our former conclusions. Mind renewal leads to transformation as we accept God’s truth in place of those convictions. This works best when we interrogate our beliefs and ask the Lord to confirm or replace them.

A belief can be identified by how it makes us feel or act. Then we “take it captive” by stating it as the conviction in our heart. At this point we may need to turn off our reason which would argue against the conviction. What we believe in our heart acts with greater authority than what we have come to know in our mind.

This spiritual transaction is followed with listening prayer. We can expect God to renew our mind with a new thought, memory, feeling, word, or idea.

Lord, I confess that I believed this to be true: (what you believed to be true that caused you to respond or feel a certain way). I surrender this belief to You, and ask You to reveal Your truth to me in this matter.

Generational Curse

A family tradition of sin is a clear indication of a generational curse. In fact, anytime one generation is compelled in a sin issue because of the sins of the parents it is a signal of a generational influence. This spiritual transaction is most effective when the petitioner knows the nature of the sin committed by the previous generations and is able to forgive specifically.

For instance, a person that expresses anger and physical abuse to others may be reacting in a way they experienced while growing up. The father or mother that abused them in childhood was probably a victim of the same kind of abuse in their childhood. We are able to break off this generational curse with the following spiritual transaction:

Lord, I choose to forgive the sins of fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers. I declare the sin of this curse to be forgiven, that there is no legal ground for it to be passed from one generation to another, and that this generational curse is now null and void in the sight of God and man. Amen.

Authority over Spirits

Spirit of fear (anger, rebellion, rejection, etc.), you are not welcome here. I command you to leave in the name of Jesus and never return.

Rash Oath or Vow

Lord God, I am aware that I made a rash promise to myself (oath) or another (vow) when I swore (state oath or vow). I choose to appeal to You as the Higher Authority, and ask that you break this oath or vow and declare it null and void. Amen.

Break Soul Ties

Lord, I confess that I made an unholy bond that united my soul with (name of person). I ask You to forgive me. I ask You to restore to me any part of my heart and soul that I gave away, and I ask You to return to them anything that I took which was not mine to take. I ask that You break this soul tie and renew my mind with purity in this matter. Amen.

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