December 17, 2017
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Master's Mind Minsitry has its physical office in Brush Prairie, Washington.  We are about 10 miles northeast of Vancouver, Washington - just across the river from Portland, Oregon.  This location provides our base of operations, and we find that it is a convenient and beautiful part of the world.

Prayer Ministry: Almost all of our prayer ministry is done one on one, or in a small group.  We meet with people in our office or some other place that is mutually acceptable.  Most of the people we serve  in this way are within an hour or two of Vancouver.  When it is warranted, we will travel to a different location.  Contact us for availability and limitations.

Spiritual Direction:  Mentoring and discipling are best done through strong relationships, and much of the spiritual direction we do is at a local level.  However, there are great rewards to mentoring relationships that happen by email and telephone.  Even if you are not in the Greater Portland area, you can contact us to see about spiritual direction.

Christian Coaching:  Coaching is done primarily over the telephone.  This is great news for those that do not live in SouthWest Washington.  If you are interested in establishing a coaching relationship, please contact us to discuss the best time for a tele-conference.

Teaching:  At this time our teaching opportunities are mostly in Clark County, Washington and around Portland, OR.  If you would like to attend a class or schedule an opportunity for your group, please let us know.  Under the right circumstances, travel can be arranged.

Training:  Master's Mind Ministry will be conducting training sessions for interested people.  Locations and dates will be announced as they become available.  Sign up for our electronic newsletter to be sure you stay informed.

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Master's Mind Ministry
21811 NE 164th St
Brush Prairie, WA 98606
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