December 15, 2017
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Hi. I directly benefited from Gods Healing Grace thru MM Ministry.

In '07 I invited "Destruction" into my soul. Within a week I attempted to stab a guy who reminded me of Jesus, got locked in a psych ward and diagnosed Bipolar (I) Disorder. A month later I got enslaved in the sex slave trade industry.

In '09 I escaped the industry to homelessness and I asked God to come into my life and take over. He did.

I gained so much victory but I still wrestled with a sexual demon. I entered into a pimp relationship a few years later. I started doing drugs again. Then I met with Julie Tadema.

After a few sessions I engaged in healing prayer myself. Breaking soul ties, cancelling legal ground, etc.

Believe it or not this ensued in a four day spiritual warfare battle! I slept a couple hours each night. But the rest of the hours I had my Bible opened and using my "sword" against this demon. I read most of the New Testament in 4 days.

After the 4 days, Christ poured His love onto me in a physical way (I could feel Him and see lights) for an hour and a half. After that I was renewed!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!

In obedience to Him I changed my #. Cut the pimp out of my life. I emptied my savings account and gave it to a ministry (God). I started paying tithe. I moved into Christian community. Then God called me to a prayer ministry.

Right now I have 63 people and groups of people I pray for everyday, twice a day on a prayer list. I also started preparing for starting a Bible study with my daughter. I started a one year Bible read thru plan. I started memorizing the book of Ephesians. I started praying thru the Psalms. And I engage in healing prayer on myself and utilizing the tools from Calvin & Julies workshop.

My life has been completely turned around...from sex slave (possible demon possession) to prayer ministry.

AMAZING!! Since I've directly benefited from Gods Healing Grace thru MM Ministry I'm compelled and honored and privileged and excited to add MMM to my prayer list of 63 making it 64. And would be most honored if I can pray daily and in special circumstances.

Thank you so much for walking in obedience according to His Grace....


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