December 17, 2017
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Master's Mind Ministry is not a fee for service organization and does not charge for services.  As a ministry we are supported by charitable contributions from those that want to see God at work in the lives of themselves and others.  That is how we are able to make all of our services available free of charge to those that want to be transformed by the renewing of their mind.  This applies to the prayer ministry, spiritual direction and Christian coaching.

If you are interested in Christian coaching on a fee for service basis, please speak about that with us beforehand.   Master's Mind Ministry is able to provide an invoice for some services by prior agreement.  This can be useful if payment is going to be made from a business account and needs to be characterized as a business expense in order to be deductible.  Most support is tax deductible as a charitable contribution when paid by an individual.  Please speak to your tax advisor for specific recommendations for your particular situation. 

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