December 17, 2017
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Master's Mind Ministry is a public charity.  That means the company is funded substantially by charitable contributions.  These tax deductible gifts are used to support the efforts of the ministry so we can help all people be transformed by the renewing of their mind, irrespective of their financial circumstances.

Our financial goal is to match our monthly budget for operating expenses with pledges for support.  We feel that this is good stewardship and allows us to plan ahead and focus on the ministry.   Whether the gift is $25 per month or much more, we greatly appreciate those that make Master's Mind Ministry a monthly commitment.

We also appreciate "special gifts" from those that feel led to contribute, but do not make a monthly commitment.  This can happen when someone tithes from a one-time special blessing, or God encourages them to practice an act of sacrificial giving, or in response to a specific nudging of the Spirit.

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