February 19, 2018
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Workshop We love to teach people how to intercede for others and watch them grow in confidence through the process.  A typical Prayer Warrior Training session is done in two parts: Hope for Healing and Active Healing Prayer.  It is an opportunity to learn about healing prayer, and experience the love of God first hand. It is also a chance to learn about the exciting role of intercessor and how you may be used by God to help others be transformed.

If you have a group of interested people, please inquire about hosting this training at your location.  Ideal classroom size is 15 - 45 people.  The material is interactive so the truth can settle in the heart, rather than just the mind.  Contact us also for references and testimonials from those that have gone through this class before you.

Hope for Healing

2 Hours

  • Learn how to discover the root issue of your pain
  • Practice receiving truth and healing through prayer

Active Healing Prayer

6 Hours

  • Learn about your identity in Christ
  • Discover and practice several ways to hear from God
  • Learn to interrogate your beliefs and identify false beliefs that cause pain
  • Take these "thoughts captive" and receive truth in their place
  • Learn how to confidently intercede with others for their healing
  • Engage in a discussion about healing prayer in your community

Classroom Preparation

The most effective prayer training comes through experience. Healing prayer is more about acting in the role of intercessor than it is about following a pattern or formula. Our workshop is designed to give students an opportunity to learn, practice, and refine the way they engage in prayer for themselves and others.

We encourage everyone to dig into the ways of God, and to learn as much as possible, so the time in class can be maximized for practice, discussion, Q&A, and building confidence.

Here are some helpful resources to prepare you as a prayer warrior:

The Heart of an Intercessor

Anyone can act as an intercessor and pray for another that they be healed. The only requirements are faith, hope and love. You must have faith in God as the source of power for healing. You must have hope in a blessed future as God has promised. You must love the person so you can pray earnestly and effectively.

The intercessor prays with and for a person without judging him. The key is to love him so much that you can see past a protective layer and into the belief that holds them hostage. You must love past his behavior, though it may be repugnant. You must love past his beliefs, even if they are prejudicial and hateful. You must love past his deception, knowing that he may be unaware of how he deceives himself. Read more...

Who Are You?

You are what you believe. That is good news, when what you believe is good and true. But, that is bad news when what you believe is bad and false. If who you are is not who God created you to be there is conflict. That conflict results in pain and separation.

So what happens if who we are (because of what we believe) is contrary to what God created us to be? Conflict. God created us to be loving. If I am not being loving then I will be selfish and self-absorbed. That conflict creates pain and separation, first between me and God; but also between me and others. Similarly, if I am not being forgiven (loved by God) then I will be racked with guilt and shame. This conflict leads to pain and separation between me and God; but also between me and others. Read more ...

Right Thinking

We are created in God’s image, having the ability to think, learn and choose. As we grow, our thoughts and choices create a framework of values and beliefs. Through this grid we perceive and decide. So, it is important to know how these “facts” become so.

We observe through our senses, then interpret those observations by making associations with other information stored in our mind. The interpretations lead to conclusions based on our values and beliefs. These conclusions drive our decisions and choices, and prompt our actions. Mind renewal comes about as we intentionally consider our interpretations and conclusions. Read more ...

3-D Balance

Every person is created with an integration of physical, emotional and spiritual realms. When these three realms are healthy, then the person can withstand incredible pressures and trials. But if any of them are weak, then the whole person suffers. If the physical part is the top of a triangle, then the base (emotional and spiritual) are the foundation. Like a sailboat, if the foundation (keel) is not working properly then it takes little to topple it.

It is God’s design that we have a healthy balance in these different realms. He made it so our emotions would show up in our physical bodies, and our spiritual condition would affect every other part of us. We cannot separate the pieces and hope to have wholeness. Each person must integrate all the parts. Read more ...

The Eyes of Your Heart

Whenever we teach about healing and wholeness we refer to the three realms of a human’s personality. There is the physical realm that we see, feel, touch. This is the realm studied by the physical sciences and conforms to objective analysis. Then there is the emotional realm of feeling and responding. This is the realm of psychologists and counselors that is more subjective and personal. Finally, there is the spiritual realm, often ignored by the non-religious, that reaches out to the unseen and unfelt. We do not find a specific reference to “eyes of your heart” in any of these realms, but the place where the physical, emotional and spiritual overlap is where we see the eternal. Read more ...

The Truth About Pain

There is no denying the existence of pain, the evidence for it is overwhelming. Some try to ignore it and others attempt to rise above it. But pain is pain, and you can’t will it away. Pain without purpose offends people, and they will do just about anything to avoid it. “Fix it, numb it, or cut it off – just make it go away.” But when someone believes there is a purpose for their pain, they are able to bear an incredible amount of it.

I like to imagine God watching over us, with that deep desire of His to be in relationship with us. I also imagine the enemy of our soul trying to deceive us and draw us away from Him. When we are willing to be transformed, God allows the enemy to do the bird dogging. Wherever there is a vulnerability, a cherished sin, a persistent flaw – there is the one that condemns (Romans 8:34). Watch where he points the accusing finger. Say “thanks for pointing that out”, and take the matter up with God. Read more ...

Interrogate Emotions

Emotions are neither good nor bad. They are a response to what we believe. When an event occurs our mind interprets the signals and jumps to a conclusion. Then this belief triggers an emotional response.

Whenever our emotions surprise or confound us it means there is a disconnect between our heart and our head. It is important to know when there is a conflict between our cognitive beliefs and our heart-felt convictions. Interrogating our emotions helps us resolve the conflict. Read more ...

Interrogate Beliefs

Jesus describes a good heart as one filled with good treasure belonging to a good person. This heart will produce good things: good choices, good words, good feelings, good deeds, a good life. A good heart is to be desired. Whether we call it a frame of reference, a worldview, or a paradigm, it is the part of our personality that guides us consciously and subconsciously.

We discover the condition of the heart by interrogating the underlying beliefs. We can influence the condition by replacing evil beliefs with good ones. This is the essence of prayer ministry for spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Read more ...

Hearing from God

Hearing from God happens when we listen, and there are some very practical things we can do to increase our ability to hear and understand. Read more ...

Traumatic Memories

Recent research at New York University indicates that memories can be reshaped. Reconsolidation involves revisiting an unpleasant memory to create an opportunity to reevaluate it. “Our studies suggest that simply retrieving a memory is enough to trigger the reconsolidation (i.e. re-storage) process,” said Elizabeth Phelps, PhD and professor of psychology at NYU.

“Our research suggests that during the lifetime of a memory there are windows of opportunity where it becomes susceptible to be permanently changed,” wrote researcher Daniela Schiller, PhD, a colleague of Phelps.

It turns out that the brain stores emotional memories differently than episodic (event) memory. Revisiting the memory brings both pieces to the forefront of the mind, putting it into an unstable condition. It is this condition that opens the door for renewal. Read more ...

God Heals Retroactively

A woman asked for prayer that her painful life would be changed. She had struggled for over twenty years with feelings of worthlessness and rejection. God healed her at the source of those feelings and gave her a new identity. I wondered how she would feel about all the years she lost to those feelings. Amazingly, she had no remorse. Her immediate transformation was enough to cover over what might have been. When God transacts business, He makes things right. He restores the years that the locusts have eaten. Read more ...

The Role of Witness

The intercessor has the responsibility and privilege to lead prayer appointments with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This takes a gentle hand, humble spirit, and holy confidence. Prepare yourself for prayer ministry in all you think and do. Keep yourself in a constant state of readiness to properly handle the truth. You can offer hope to the hopeless, be a source of faith for those that have none, and participate in the supernatural power of God to transform people. Here are a few observations to equip you for this kind of prayer appointment. Read more ...

How to Keep Your Healing

It is a wonderful act of love that God heals us spiritually, emotionally and physically. When we pray, expecting a miracle, God comes and makes supernatural changes. He creates a new person and discards the old way of being.

There are some that experience the healing power of God, and then they lose their healing. It was not God's intent that their change be temporary. Something has happened in their free will that allowed their healing to be taken or given away.

Knowing the character of God and considering the examples we have in Scripture about miracles of healing gives us insight into the things we should do, and the things we should avoid so we can keep our healing. Read more ...

Healing Prayer in Your Community

Our vision is to see an army of prayer warriors, each one confident and capable to engage in the purposes of Jesus Christ: to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). We are available to teach, encourage, equip and mentor those that are called according to this purpose. Read more ...

Contact me to learn more about the next available training workshop, and prepare to be transformed. 

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