February 19, 2018
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The purpose of life for a Christian is the relentless pursuit of who God has made you to be.
Coaching is a process by which a person being coached (PBC) regularly communicates with a coach where they talk and think together. It provides truth and articulation of thoughts and values inside the PBC upon which he or she can take action.  The "coach approach" consists of a directed conversation about one topic with clarifying questions from the coach. It leads to a decision or plan based on the desires of the heart of the PBC.

To understand the arrangement, take a look at a standard agreement: 

As a Christian Coach

1.    I will be clear with you about the coaching relationship, including any expectations, fees, refunds or guarantees.

2.     I will keep your best interests in mind, coaching you toward your purpose and action plan in light of your preferred coaching style and personality.

3.     I will be prepared for each coaching session.

4.     I will protect all of our coaching appointments and contact you to reschedule as needed with at least two days notice.

5.     I will maintain complete confidentiality, within the limits of the law, unless you give me explicit permission to share particular issues with others.

6.     I will never give your name to anyone, for any purpose, without your expressed permission.

7.     I will respecting copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property when sharing principles and information gleaned from other sources and seek to give credit where credit is due.

8.     I will represent myself to you with honestly and integrity, and will refer you to another coach or specialist if I am not within my area of expertise or comfort.


As a Person Being Coached

1.     I will protect all of our coaching appointments and contact you to reschedule as needed with two or more days notice.

2.     I will thoughtfully prepare prior to our scheduled appointment.

3.     I will call or come to the coaching session promptly at the agreed time.

4.     I will seek to complete each action step by a specific target date and acknowledge that I will hold myself accountable to do so.

5.     I understand that my coach is not acting as a licensed mental health professional and that coaching is not intended to replace counseling, therapy, mental health care or treatment for substance abuse.

We agree to meet weekly by telephone, beginning on _____________ and continuing for _____ sessions.  Each session will last 30 minutes.  This agreement may be extended by mutual agreement.



_________________________        _________________________        ___________

Coach                                         Signature of Coach                       Date



_________________________        _________________________        ___________

Person Being Coached                    Signature of Person Being Coached  Date

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