December 15, 2017
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There is a huge benefit in meeting with a group of like minded Christians to discuss, encourage and brainstorm about living your life for God.  The ideas, questions and concerns flow between the participants and it is exciting to see how new truth will be learned and shared.  This can take the form of a small group that meets regularly, a team the meets for a specific project or purpose, a board, a workshop, a conference or a retreat.

Small Groups

If you live in the Vancouver, Washington area you might like to join our small group, called FOCUS 13:30 .  We get together every Friday morning from 6 - 7:30 AM for a time of discussion and prayer.  Contact me with any questions you have, or for driving directions.

If you have an interest in being part of a small group and would like to have curriculum (tools and resources) to work with that will help you as a Christian in the work place, then contact me.  The recommended group size is 6 - 12.  I would love to hear from the facilitator that plans to act as the group leader.


The message of discovering and developing a personal ministry is very important.  One method used to expose a number of people to the Biblical principles and challenges is through workshops.  These can be conducted at your place of business, a church or community center, or a conference room>

There are workshop agendas for a full day of instruction and application, or they can be modified to fit a partial day depending on the circumstances.  They are characterized as opportunities to learn, discover tools, and then to roll up the sleeves and immediately apply the information.  Groups of 10 to 50 are quite suitable.

Contact me directly to discuss your group's characteristics and apparent needs.  In addition to the topics shown here, my sphere of influence includes a wide variety of gifted presenters.  Other topics can include spiritual gifts, business management issues, human resource management, philosophy in the workplace, and more.


A conference is a multiple day event where the participants are able to get away from daily distractions and focus entirely on the principles and spiritual truths being discussed.  We conduct these conferences in comfortable surroundings and bring together the best teachers and facilitators we can find.  Topics include life planning, personal growth, executive issues and Marketplace Ministry challenges.

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If you are interested in discussing availability and appropriate topics, please contact me .  Feel free to call at (360) 891-8114.

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