December 15, 2017
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The following information is offered so you can understand the qualifications and experience that I bring, and the areas of counsel I can provide.

Spiritual Gifts

Calvin TademaI believe that God designed us with particular capabilities, propensities and skills.  As we yield our life to the Holy Spirit, these spiritual gifts are redeemed for His use. 

He made me a teacher - one who loves to study and explain truth.  Secondarily, a perceiver (prophecy) - one who discerns and operates boldly on spiritual principles.  And thirdly, He made me an administrator and exhorter - someone who values organization and encourages others.

Business Consulting

During my formative years (high school, college and early career), my father operated a ministry in the greater Seattle area called Christian Perspectives.  This was a ministry that challenged professionals to bring Christ into their work, and I was greatly  influenced by those principles.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1980, during which time I have built businesses as a sole proprietor, self-employed, in partnerships and corporations.  The common thread in each of these businesses was that they provided intangible services.  My business experience ranges from working independently to running a sales organization with three employees and thirty-three self employed sales representatives.

During the past five years I have provided business consulting services to a wide range of companies, from retail sales to manufacturing, and from professional services to health care.

Personal Coaching

The first time someone asked me to be their mentor was in 1999.  I have not been without a mentoring relationship since that time.  My great joy is to discover spiritual truths together and brainstorm methods to apply those truths in real life.  The results are miraculous when God frees someone from sin and then releases them in His service.  Personal coaching is my primary area of continuing education at this time.

Marketing Consulting

The web design and internet consulting industry was fairly young in 1995 when I began to build a service business in that arena.  The internet has had a huge impact on marketing, and properly used can be a very cost effective tool for communicating with customers and prospects.  As my business grew, I felt that business owners needed to know how to apply the technology or their web site would soon become useless.  I began to teach them how to grow their business, to use the power of the internet for their marketing, and how to expand into new markets.  This consulting benefits a company in two ways; it reduces costs and increases revenue from sales.

Financial Planning

I spent sixteen years doing personal financial planning.  During this time I was a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), licensed for securities (Series 7, 24, 63 and 65), and licensed for life and health insurance as an agent and broker.  My practice included everything from stewardship planning (budgets and savings), to retirement and estate planning.  I counseled individuals regarding their financial goals and risk management, did income tax preparation, and established and maintained investment portfolios for them.

Many of my clients during this time were business owners, because those are the people that are most likely to have financial decisions to make.  Since, in many cases, their business was their single largest asset, it was vital that their financial plan include topics such as business valuations, business continuation plans, and business risk management.  That initiated my development of business consulting.


Teachers love to study and research, so one of my passions is to read.  There are so many great books available, I rarely take time to read fiction.  I also enjoy cycling (I ride a Cannondale R500 with Ultegra components and have ridden the 200 mile Seattle to Portland Classic seven times). My two other hobbies are bird watching and fly fishing.

My wife and I are in team ministry through Master's Mind Ministry.  Our three children are grown and doing well.  Family time is important to us, for our immediate family, our extended family, and our spiritual family.  Our family verse is Psalm 16:6 - "The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places, surely I have a delightful inheritance."

If you are interested in finding out more about my qualifications, core values and statement of faith, please contact me to schedule a time for an introductory interview.  Feel free to call at (360) 891-8114.

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