January 18, 2018
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Truth is lacking, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. The LORD saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice. He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no one to intercede; then His own arm brought him salvation, and His righteousness upheld him. -Isaiah 59:15-16

The verb intercede means to plead on another’s behalf, to intervene between parties, or to act as a mediator in a dispute. In the case of intercessory prayer it means to plead for mercy from God on behalf of another who is either unable or unwilling to ask.

Anyone can act as an intercessor and pray for another that they be healed. The only requirements are faith, hope and love. You must have faith in God as the source of power for healing. You must have hope in a blessed future as God has promised. You must love the person so you can pray earnestly and effectively.

There are no guarantees that the one for whom you are praying will receive the truth because they have a role to play. God will not override their free will, and some will persist in rejecting Him. But the rewards are supernatural.

Sharing Hope

A person needs healing when he is in pain or bondage because of sin, as represented by the inner circle below. It is labeled “lie” because the sin causes him to believe something false, and that belief separates him from God. The lie acts as if it were true to him, and results in pain in the spiritual, emotional and physical realms. This lie is inserted when he misinterprets a life situation, or when he is deceived by someone else. The lie must be overcome by truth.

Intercessor's Heart diag 1

The truth can be blocked by a protective layer. For example, a person that believes he is worthless (lie) may expend great energy doing things for others (layer). He expects others to believe he is valuable, even indispensable, because of his efforts but it is really a cover for his feelings of worthlessness. In another example, a person with fear of rejection (lie) may be horribly obnoxious to others (layer) in a preemptive strike to reject before being rejected. In a final example, a self-loathing person (lie) may abuse drugs or alcohol to mask the pain of feeling unlovable.

The intercessor is motivated by love to intervene on behalf of the person receiving prayer. However, if the truth is directed at the layer instead of the lie it misses the mark and cannot heal the root cause. Depending on his temperament, the one receiving prayer will respond with conformity, complacency, or callousness.

The conformist will hear the truth and readily agree in his mind. He will then apply the truth to the layer and attempt to control it with strong will power. Because the root cause has not received truth, the conformist will ultimately fail in changing the behavior or emotion of the layer. This turns into a cycle of resolve, effort, failure, discouragement leading back to greater resolve, and on it goes. For example, the obnoxious man tries with great effort to be nice but gives up when he still feels rejected. Similarly, the self-loathing man swears off drugs and lives a clean and sober life, until he realizes he still hates himself, at which point he abuses drugs worse than before.

The complacent one will discredit the truth and hunker down with a victim mentality. Since the truth is applied to the layer instead of the root cause, he is unwilling to accept it. For example, the overachiever ignores the recommendation to find a balance, convinced that creating value is a good thing. Similarly, the self-loathing man continues to justify his drinking since alcohol isn’t his problem but rather his solution to the problem.

The callous one will respond with rebellion or withdrawal, depending on his fight or flight character. The fight temperament will argue against the truth and actively reject it. The flight temperament will ignore the truth entirely. In either case, he will become more entrenched in his belief (lie) through the searing of his conscience.

Loving Through

The key to intercession is to pray with and for a person without judging them. The key is to love them so much that you can see past the layer and into the lie. You must love past their behavior, though it may be repugnant. You must love past their beliefs, even if they are prejudicial and hateful. You must love past their deception, knowing that they may be unaware of it since they are deceiving themselves.

The controlling lie is exposed when the person surrenders the layer. This is an act of will on his part. It requires him to be vulnerable.

Love is to know another person, and to be known by him. The intercessor must express this kind of love to the person receiving prayer to establish a level of trust that allows him to surrender the layer. In this setting, the truth can be delivered directly to the lie instead of being blocked by the layer. Then the truth takes the place of the lie and eliminates the root cause of pain in him.

Intercessor's Heart diag 2

There are two possible responses to the truth, wholeness (healing) or rebellion.

Some will reject the truth and resent the intimate intrusion of their privacy. They are the ones that have been face to face with healing and chose to walk away instead. They go away sad, as did the Rich Young Ruler after receiving truth from Jesus (Matthew 19:22). This sears the conscience, causing them to be less sensitive to truth over time.

Others will accept the truth and rejoice greatly at the intimate expression of unconditional love. They will have received deep cleansing in their identity and the behaviors and pain of sin will no longer have a stronghold. This heals their conscience and prepares them to be more sensitive to truth over time.

Sharing Truth

Here is an intercessors step by step guide to sharing the truth with another in a prayer appointment.

  • Discover the pain – pray for guidance to reveal the pain in the spiritual, emotional and physical realms. This is the starting point.
  • Identify the false belief – allow the pain to point to the lie. Note any behavioral or emotional layers that emanate from the false belief.
  • Pray for guidance to the root – ask God to reveal the source of this belief.
  • Interrogate the belief – have the person receiving prayer confirm the false belief and that it feels true to them.
  • Confess and repent – confess the false belief in prayer and ask God to forgive them for believing it to be true.
  • Pray for truth – ask God to reveal truth to replace the lie and listen for His revelation.
  • Witness and confirm – allow the person receiving prayer to share the truth he or she received from God. Confirm the word of God and agree that it replaces the former belief.
  • Test for peace – ask him or her if they have a sense of peace in that area, and confirm their wholeness and healing.

Free Indeed

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. -James 5:16

When a person receives the truth from God, it is delivered directly into their heart. The truth placed into their heart is received experientially, and becomes true to them.

Healing is expressed in the whole person. In the spiritual realm their freedom is experienced as peace, comfort and closeness to God. In the emotional realm it is experienced as relief, joy, calmness and confidence. In the physical realm it is experienced as a weight being lifted, an ability to breathe, a release of a burden, and lightness.

Wholeness is witnessed by transformation. In the spiritual realm they will have healed relationships with God and others. In the emotional realm they will be free from fear and able to express happiness. In the physical realm their pains and diseases disappear as strength and vitality return.

The rewards are supernatural. God is connected to the intercessor with unconditional love. The intercessor then connects with the person receiving prayer with a heart of love. The truth is delivered through this connection to replace the lie and provide freedom. As a result, the intercessor increases in faith, hope and love.

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