February 19, 2018
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Master's Mind Ministry functions in the resurrection power of God, and as such requires significant prayer support.  When we are talking with people about their life, and dealing with barriers to spiritual growth or challenges to spiritual maturity, then we need to have the help of the Holy Spirit.  We want to avoid walking in our own power, or trying to do anything in our own strength.

So we need a prayer shield.

A prayer shield is comprised of godly Christian prayer warriors that commit to intercede on behalf of Master's Mind Ministry on a daily basis.  Each of these prayer warriors are equipped by the intercessory power of the Holy Spirit, and contend for the well being of this ministry so that the Kingdom of God will be on earth as it is in heaven.  There is power in prayer, and there is great power in agreement in prayer.  Our need is for people who are experienced in prayer and able to lift up the ministry for spoken and unspoken needs.

Our Shield
  1. Pearl Tadema
  2. Rits Tadema
  3. Ron Hartford
  4. Ruth Hartford
  5. Chuck Collum
  6. Lesli Collum
  7. Dan Friesen
  8. Jon Skiffington
  9. Renee Skiffington
  10. Deleana Dey
  11. David Hollers
  12. Toraj Khavari
  13. Irene Khavari
  14. Debra Lawler

We are looking for three kinds of people that are interested in prayer:

  • Prayer Shield -  These are people willing and able to commit to praying for Master's Mind Ministry on a daily basis.  Our goal is to maintain a group a twelve prayer shield partners that are committed to daily prayer.  Some of our prayer shield contributors will incorporate our ministry in their regular prayer time; keeping a reminder handy so no days go uncovered.  We consider this to be the most important component of our ministry.

    Send me an email to let me know you want to be part of the prayer shield: Contact

  • Prayer Warrior - These are people willing and able to pray for Master's Mind Ministry upon request.  When a special need arises, or a challenge is being faced it is important that Master's Mind Ministry have prayer warriors at the ready to support and agree in prayer.  Some prayer warriors are also part of our prayer shield, but that is not a requirement.  We are looking for people that understand and care about this ministry, and are willing to intercede for specific needs.  In most cases these needs are sent out by email to our prayer warriors, and we trust that they will handle the request with all due urgency.

      Sign up for the Prayer Update newsletter here.

  • Prayer Student - One of the things we love about this ministry is the ability to teach and encourage people to pray powerfully.  If you are intimidated by the prospect of daily intercession, but are interested in finding out more about how to pray - then we encourage you to make use of our prayer resources.  When you begin to pray to the Living God and see Him answer your prayers in a way that only He can, then you will have discovered one of the greatest treasures of true relationship in Christ.
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