January 16, 2018
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Paul wrote to the Corinthians:  "But we have the mind of Christ."  What an incredible promise to claim, especially when we believe that we are "transformed by the renewing of our mind."  Master's Mind Ministry exists to help people in the process of renewing their mind.

Calvin and Julie Tadema, Team MinistryThere are three distinct areas in your life that affect your mind, and each needs to be conformed into the mind of Christ.  First, there are the thoughts and choices you make in the present.  These are affected by your spiritual disciplines and your spiritual maturity.  Second, there is your past which acts as a frame of reference for all your observations and interpretations.  Third, there is your personal purpose: the very reason God created you in the first place.

Master's Mind Ministry addresses each of these areas in specific ways, and each way is based on hearing the truth from God.  The steps we take are:

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