February 19, 2018
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Healing Prayer Study Guide
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This material is designed for small groups of intercessors that have taken the basic prayer ministry training and want to learn more about effective healing prayer.

Create a small group of three to twelve people that are willing to meet to learn and practice healing prayer. Each of the following lessons are set up with instructional information, both in video and written format, and exercises to be done at the small group level. By doing these exercises, each student will activate the information, experience better retention, and have practical experience to help anchor the concepts.

Begin with prayer for each other, and then work through the instructional component. Expect 90 minutes for each small group meeting, split evenly between learning, practicing and sharing.

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Small Group Facilitator

And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. - 2 Timothy 2:2

One of our goals is to raise up an army of confident prayer warriors able to intercede confidently for others. The principles and concepts of healing prayer ministry that have been entrusted to us we intend to pass along to those that can also faithfully teach others.

How do we know that they know? If the learner does what is being asked we can be certain that the teaching was successful. How does the learner know that he knows? He just did it. This is the practical test used for all of our workshops, seminars, and small group lesson plans.

The Holy Spirit is in charge of bringing the truth to light. He is the teacher. The role of the small group leader is to organize a team of learners, make sure they have the necessary resources to work with, and to facilitate the learning process. It tends to be more consultative than deliberative. In other words, the facilitator encourages the learners to discover truth through the Holy Spirit rather than deliver it to their mind.

For these reasons, the lesson plans for our small group sessions are built around exercises and practice. It is beneficial for the group that the facilitator has personal experience with the material, but that is not strictly required. The facilitator acts as witness to the process, but leaves the responsibility for teaching up to the Holy Spirit and the responsibility for learning up to the participants.

Lesson One: Hearing God Print E-mail

Lesson 1: Hearing from God Instructional Teaching.

Lesson Two: Identity Print E-mail

Lesson 2: Identity Instructional Teaching.

Lesson Three: Purpose of Pain Print E-mail
Lesson 3: The Purpose of Pain
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