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Is truth reasonable?

Discussion question for January 11, 2018.  Note: No meetings during Christmas break. We have agreed that truth is not a concept, but a person: Jesus Christ.  How would you answer Pilate’s question of what is truth?  What powers your convictions?  Where does reason fit in with truth?  What are the differences between faith and reason?  […]

How do you know your cause is true?

Discussion question for December 15, 2017. We have talked about a cause, or calling, that has eternal impact.  How do you know you are fighting for the right thing?  How do you respond to people with good intentions that ardently support a cause that seems frivolous or  disgusting to you?  How are your opinions different […]

How much of what you are doing is eternal?

Discussion question for December 8, 2017. In our discussion of succession planning we realized that some of what we do is temporal but there may be an aspect that has eternal implications.  How do you define your calling or purpose?  What are you stewarding that belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven?  What do you want […]

What are your strategies for succession planning?

Discussion question for December 1, 2017. We recently reviewed the fact that the blessings we receive are not for our consumption, but to be stewarded for the Kingdom of God.  How are you stewarding your calling?  What are you doing to fulfill the purpose God set out for you?  How will you duplicate yourself in […]

Thanksgiving Dawn Service

Join us, with other members of Vancouver Pillar Church, for a Thanksgiving Dawn Service on Friday, November 17.  We will begin at 6:00 AM with a short time of worship, have a message regarding thankfulness, and then enter a time of united prayer.  We are usually done by 7:00 or a little before.

How are we to handle our blessings?

Discussion question for November 10, 2017. Jesus described the people that are blessed when He taught the Beatitudes.  How are you experiencing the blessing?  What has qualified you for being blessed?  How does your response reflect the condition of your heart?  What recommendations do you have for others that are blessed?

Are you in for a woe?

Discussion question for October 27, 2017. There are four woes in Luke 6:24-27: woe to the rich, woe to the full, woe to the happy, and woe to those spoken well of.  What did Jesus mean by these warnings?  In what ways are you at risk?  What can you do to arrange your life to […]

How can you be a champion of forgiveness?

Discussion question for October 20, 2017.  Note: No meeting on 9/29, 10/6, or 10/13. When a person holds an offense against another it acts as poison to them, bringing death and destruction.  What gets in the way of forgiveness? How effective are you at helping someone choose to forgive?  How have you modeled forgiving to […]

What does it take to have the heart of an evangelist?

Discussion question for September 22, 2017. Jesus told us to make disciples in all nations (Matthew 28:19), and promised that we would be His witnesses to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8).  How well are you fulfilling this role of evangelist?  What do you feel is your personal responsibility in this area? What is […]

How can we be humble?

Discussion question for September 15, 2017. Jesus demonstrated perfect humbleness as described in Philippians 2.  What do you understand to be the difference between humbleness and meekness?  How did Jesus model being humble?  What was the secret to His balance of humbleness, authority and power?  How does the Spirit-filled Christian demonstrate humbleness?  What tempts you […]